Matthew Barton Mattox

Sonoran Faire Culinaire

Sonoran Faire Culinaire (SfC) is a company founded in traditional French culinary arts and Swiss hospitality. The Sonoran Desert is the incubator for this innovative food & beverage company. In addition, the company is well disciplined in service as well as training & organizational development. SfC works closely with Rising Springs to provide expertise in developing the food and beverage operational management for their Remote Tourism Destinations (RTD). 

As SfC develops internationally, it continues to provide excellent food service as reflected in Thumbtacks best of 2016 award. Specializing in corporate clients, small group, personal chef as well as cooking lessons, SfC can bring quality and personalized service at a terrific value. In addition, look for innovative customized Sonoran Desert products available on line at SfC Sonoran Shopper.

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Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015
Thumbtack Best of 2016

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