Matthew Barton Mattox

Our goal is to be global leaders. Our mission is to create sustainable prosperity worldwide with the vision to be the foremost innovative enterprise for the next generation of global biodiverse resort spa development, luxury hospitality management, food & beverage innovation,  and customer centric service approach.

As experienced leaders with global mindsets, we are leading international organizations and networks, applying business knowledge in different social, economic and political environments, and working with individuals from diverse cultures.

As world oriented entrepreneurs, we hold ourselves accountable to be resourceful, innovative and capable of following new opportunities in uncertain environments dedicated to the creation of economic and social value with worldwide global impact on communities in need.

We develop a culture of global thought leadership that is advanced through rigorous study and practical application by research and experience. At the core of our competency, is networking among leaders and experts on a global scale and exposure to different cultures and business environments essential for life-long research and and effective professional practice and corporate stewardship. 

MM Barton, Inc.

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